This privacy policy is for Internet users who interact with various third party websites and view advertising through such usage. Adversal Media, Inc. is a provider of advertising services. We work directly with website owners and operators in order deliver media. Our service adheres to industry standard best practices and your online privacy is of top concern.

A few terms to be familiar with:

PII - Personal Identifiable Information like name, address, phone number, email address
Non-PII - Non-Personal Identifiable Information like user-agent, browser language preference, timestamp
Cookies - Files that can hold a small amount of data and can be stored on your device
Security - Protective measures for both Adversal and the properties it represents

General Policy

Adversal respects your privacy as we strive to provide our service by collecting the least amount of data as possible. We do not collect PII, nor are we able to. Your interaction with third party websites and whether you choose to share PII with those properties or not isn't able to be seen or captured by Adversal. In other words, viewing advertisements will only give us access to Non-PII data plus IP address.

No data that we collect or process can be connected together in part or in whole by Adversal to identify your person.

Data Usage & Retention

We will process Non-PII as well as IP address in order to maintain security, improve our service, and deliver advertising. Within this scope, we may also transmit elements to third parties for such reasons as assessing security, holding an auction for advertising inventory, and selecting an advertisement. Not all data that is seen or collected is retained. Some data, such as user agent and IP address, may inadvertently be captured in our server's logging. Log files and retained data is only housed for a maximum of 36 months.


Adversal uses cookies for the following reasons:

Service Measurement
Consent Management
Setting an anonymized hash based on the Non-PII of your device
Managing your opt out

These reasons may not all be applicable at the same time and it is possible to have seen advertisements from Adversal, but not have any cookies set in your browser/device. The opt-out cookie is exclusive to this policy page. You may at any time opt out from receiving advertising from Adversal by using the opt out section below.


Our service is limited to Non-PII, IP address, and the use of cookies. Care is taken not to store any data that isn't necessary. Unnecessary details are processed and then released immediately. However, for the information that we do log, we have adopted standards and best practices as well as implemented additional procedures and taken reasonable measures in order to ensure security.

Data Rights & Erasure

If you believe that Adversal may have data linked to your device, then you may request this data as well as it's removal. To make a request, please contact us here.

Company Information

Adversal Media Inc
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Carmel, Indiana 46032
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You may opt-out from allowing Adversal to process your device's Non-PII for advertising purposes. Processing may still be necessary in some instances to maintain security and support service minimums to properties represented. This opt-out will place an anonymous cookie on your device signaling to our systems not to link an anonymized hash to Non-PII details as well as to not allow Adversal to show you advertisements. The cookie is device specific. You'll need to visit this page from each device you wish to opt-out from. Further, if your cookies are deleted, then it will be necessary to revisit this page.

If accessing from a mobile or tablet device, then you may need to review your operating system's settings:


Other opt-outs that you may want to review: