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Terms (Publisher)


By participating in the Adversal.com ("Adversal") program, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms. An approved website for participation in the Adversal Publisher Network will herein be referred to as Publisher ("Publisher"). Any persons that purchase advertising from Adversal, it's partners and affiliates, or any other company associated with Adversal will herein be referred to as Customers of Adversal ("Customers of Adversal").

Publishers must meet the following guidelines for acceptance into the Adversal Publisher Network.

Applying website:

  1. must have its own domain name
  2. must have been online and operational for at least 60 days
  3. must have a functional layout and adequate design
  4. must contain original content and comprise of at least two pages
  5. must contain a privacy policy
  6. must not contain excessive advertising
  7. must not contain or link to adult content
  8. must not contain content restricted by a login
  9. must not be under construction or incomplete
  10. must not lock, interfere, or manipulate with the browser or navigation
  11. must not be associated with spam in any way, shape, or form
  12. must not host or serve content that delivers viruses or malware
  13. may not be, or participate in, any incentive based programs or paid-to operations (paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, paid-to-read, etc.)
  14. may not artificially inflate impressions through any means, including automatically refreshing pages and/or ad placements
  15. must not contain or participate in illegal, hate, or otherwise legally questionable activity. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • the use of excessive vulgar language
    • depictions or undertones of violence
    • providing such information as how to build home detonation devices, weapons, malicious hacking, cons/scams, etc.
    • endorsement of illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia
    • hosting of, or linking to, illegal/pirated content (warez, cracking, serials, distribution of copyrighted material, etc.)
    • and any other content that can be deemed legally questionable
  16. may not be:
    • a traffic exchange
    • an image host
    • a file upload or sharing site
    • a URL shortening service
    • a proxy or proxy-related website
    • a toolbar, plugin, desktop software, or any other similar downloadable utility

Applying mobile app:
  1. must be available through iTunes or Google Play
  2. must not contain any adult/mature themes
  3. must provide clear user navigation
  4. must be fully functioning
  5. must not maliciously interfere with or manipulate a user's device
  6. must not be designed for the purpose of displaying advertising
  7. must not infringe on the rights of another party
  8. must not contain depictions of violence or instances of excessive vulgar language
  9. must not contain material deemed legally questionable or morally reprehensible
It is publishers responsibility to maintain all content (whether hosted directly or remotely by a third party) in acceptance with the terms and guidelines herein, as well as maintain proper usage of the ad code provided as it is defined in your account upon approval. Publisher is permitted to have one (1) account. Any duplicate account will be closed and balance forfeited. Adversal reserves the right to suspend an account and withhold payment from any publisher found to be sending invalid, fraudulent, and/or low performing traffic, in addition to any violation listed within these terms. In the event of a violation, Adversal reserves the right to immediately suspend an account without notification. As an additional service provided, Adversal permits the usage of it's affiliate program whereby publisher's referrals approved into the Adversal network will accumulate publisher a recurring 10% revenue on referral earnings over a twelve (12) month period. While participation in this program is optional, eligibility requirements are an approved publisher account in good standings.
Publisher sites are required to have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month.
Adversal retains the right to permanently suspend and withhold payment of any publisher involved in fraudulent activity.
It may be necessary for Adversal to share your information with partners in order to facilitate proper ad serving and monetization efforts of enrolled website(s) and/or mobile app(s). In the event of fraud or other situations arising from the infringement of the terms herein, Adversal may be required to surrender your information to the effected parties. Furthermore, it may be necessary to release your information to any organization of which you are representing directly or indirectly. Otherwise, Adversal at no time will share, sell, or release your personal information (name, email address, home address) partially or in its entirety to any third party unless strictly required to by law as a direct result of such proceedings as a court order or a legal process.
Payment shall be issued in the form of Check, PayPal, Bank Wire, or ACH (US only, some international institutions may qualify). Payments by Check or PayPal are eligible on a minimum balance of $20 USD, Bank Wire is eligible on balances of $250 USD, and ACH is eligible on balances of $100 USD. Payments will be issued 35 days after the close the month (net35). In the event that the designated net35 pay period falls over a weekend or US holiday, then payment will be issued on the first business day following. Unpaid balances will rollover to the next month. Publishers are responsible for keeping their contact/payment information up to date. Information can be updated through means of the Adversal website. Any fees associated with a cancelled or returned payment will be deducted from the publisher's payable amount.
Adversal is not responsible or liable for content delivered through third parties (advertisers). Furthermore, Adversal makes no warranty whether express, implied, or statutory. Any legal liability stemming from a publisher's website or it's content is the sole responsibility of the publisher. Upon obtaining an approved publisher account, publisher agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Adversal harmless including its parent, officers, agents, directors, affiliates and employees from and against all claims, damages, actions, losses, liabilities, expenses, and costs that may at any time be incurred by reason of any claims.
The customers of Adversal nor Adversal itself can be held liable for a failure to deliver advertisements, delays, content errors, or website errors do to with, but not limited to, Internet problems, server problem, technical failures, customer issues caused by, but not limited to, actions of government, terrorism, acts of God, environmental disasters and related factors, and disruption of power,
Adversal shall be the sole owner to all statistics, data, usage, and measurement information compiled by Adversal resulting directly from Publisher participation in Adversal.
Calculation of Publisher earnings will be the sole responsibility of Adversal. Until the time of payment being issued, earnings may be subject to an audit and adjustment based on, but not limited to invalid clicks or impressions and fraudulent activity.
Adversal and Customers of Adversal shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever for reasons, but not limited to, loss of use, profits, and/or data.
The jurisdiction of these terms shall be governed by the laws of the state of Indiana with servicing venues in Hamilton or Marion county without regard to choice of law principles.
Adversal reserves any and all right to change these terms at any time without notice. Your continued use of Adversal as Publisher signifies that you are in compliance and agreement with these terms.

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